With customers all over North America

Over the past 8 years we've worked closely with diverse and creative businesses in order to get exactly what they needed built into TAMIO point of sale softawre, making it the first choice for a wide variety of business types and one of the most user friendly and intuitive POS system on the market.

We strive to make our software better every day, continuously adding new features and compatibility to the most common hardware being used out there today, making TAMIO POS system an invaluable asset to your business. And the best part, our customers always get the latest updates absolutely FREE!

Tired of dealing with third party resellers and never getting your specific needs answered? Let us works along side you! Whether you need a new feature or have an innovative concept to propose, we always listen and if these new ideas end up being a benefit for everyone, we improve TAMIO together!

Why Tamio

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We provide live TAMIO POS system demos to try from your computer

What can TAMIO do for you?

Whether you are a small business or a big franchise, everyone gets 100% of the modules for the same price!

SMS Marketing

Push text message promotion directly to your existing clients instantly.

Dispatch Map

See all your pending delivery orders live on a map to dispatch drivers more efficiently.

Self Ordering Kiosk

Reduce staff and speed up ordering process with our flexible self ordering kiosk.

Delivery services integration

Uber Eat, Doordash, Skip the dishes are directly integrated to the POS.

Table Pay Integration

Close your table bills with the exact amounts with integrated payment terminals.

Liquor Control

Reduce waste and theft with integrated bottle and beer line control systems.

Gift Cards

Manage and sell gift cards without any extra transactional fee. Multi location support.


Keep track of your inventory quantities only on the items that interest you

Punch Clock

Keep track of your staff timesheets or automatically round them to your advantage


Automatically restrict your area of operation or charge extra if you wish to!


Get automatic reports by email every day, and track you sales history with ease

Live Sales

Check on your business sales live from anywhere in the world on your cell phone

Online Ordering

Offer your customers the ability to order directly from their cell phone and get the order processed immediately

Head Office

Monitor multiple store sales live and compare them side by side with advanced reports from anywhere in the world

Loyalty Program

Customize & offer rewards for your customers based on the amount of money they spend at your business

TAMIO Features

Why is TAMIO awesome?

Well, it's all about saving you money... and especially saving you time!

FREE Updates

Never pay for a software update again, we believe in the power of improvement and evolution

FAST training

Training new staff to use the system is quick and easy

FREE off-site backups

We protect your data in case of hardware failure by pushing a backup to our servers every day

FASTER service

Work faster and more efficiently with our mobile device, at a fraction of the cost of a normal POS

No back office

Avoid spending extra money for unnecessary equipment, you can be up and running with only 1 POS

Share printers

Share printers between multiple stations or mobile tablets and avoid spending on extra equipment

TAMIO is a multi-platform software

Do you want to re-use your existing hardware? We might just be able to. TAMIO POS system works on almost anything, from Windows XP to Windows 10, since its hardware requirements are very low! For mobile devices, we can use any Windows tablets.

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Tamio POS is Cross-plateform

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