After so many years spent in the developpment of TAMIO, the list of features added to the system has become ridiculously long. Every type of business has its own specific requirements, and no matter how busy or big of a business you own, you will never use more than about 70% of what TAMIO has to offer. A few important points to mention are:

 All future software updates are FREE, forever!

 TAMIO is a multi-language platform; each user has its own language setting.
  Currently English, French & Greek are available

 Print in any language, on any printer and without any special hardware required

 Stylish and intuitive interfaces make it amazingly easy to learn and use

 You have full control over the software, everything we do, you can also do

Lets divide these features by service mode and point out some of the most important ones.

Table service

 Multiple course ordering
 Hold & Fire to control service flow
 Call course on demande
 Automatic logout
 Highly customizable kitchen printouts
 Discount by cash amount, percentage or predefined
 Discount by item only or entire order
 Transfer table to other users
 Transfer client to other tables
 Split item cost between multiple clients
 Create unlimited combos and promotions by merging items together
 Compatible with various pay at the table payment terminals

Delivery service

 Caller ID for quick client info
 Google Maps for effective location searches
 Canada 411 for quick address fetching
 Auto-fill client address for speed and accuracy
 Geofencing based on distance or time
 Close bills with a barcode scanner
 Identify new or recurring customers on bills
 Automatic service charge
 Delivery dispatching MAP to improve logistics
 Delivery dispatch module to assign orders to drivers
 Multiple bills for a same address
 View customer order history and re-order
 Automatically print 1,2 or 3 bills
 Put in a note of payment by cash or if requires a portable debit machine
 Export client list to excel for marketing

Pickup service

 Keep track of client names, phone numbers and other details
 Get order numbers for pickups at a later time
 Can easily modify orders if clients call back
 Automatic discount on all pickup orders
 Share all pickups between users until they are paid
 Each item can have a different price for pickup, indoors or delivery
 Send an email automatically to request a payment by credit card if needed

Fast counter service

 Use barcode scanner for quick sales
 Get order number coupons to pickup orders
 Integrated with various payment terminals
 Integrated with various scales
 Display price with customer pole display
 Use dual monitors for advertisement and price display
 Able to bypass a payment all-together and close bill as cash instantly

Gift cards

 Manage all gift cards for free without any extra cost
 Multi-location franchise wide system
 Can use your own custom made magnetic cards or paper coupons
 Cards can be used in multiple payments until their balance is empty
 Keep track of all active cards in circulation
 Create new giftcard on the fly, with your customize terms right out of your receipt printer if you don't want to print custom cards.


 Fully customizable reports for day close and staff
 Manage live labor cost & timesheets.
 Get SMS alerts if labor cost is too high during the day
 Sales by hour, by period, by departement
 Sales by best selling items or category
 Sales by detailed service modes
 Automatically email day close report
 Allow multiple shifts per user in the same day
 Easy historical sale reports for any date range
 Full page A4 reporting as well as thermal ribons

Loyalty Program

 No more paper cards with stamps!
 Point reward system on amount spent
 Convert points into discounts, free items or cash
 Example: buy 10 coffees, get 1 free
 Client can use his smart phone as instead of a loyalty card
 Opens the door to marketing email campagins

Online Ordering

 No application download required
 No subscription or login required
 No commission fee per order!
 Pickup and/or Delivery
 Manage item availability and pricing live from your POS
 Orders print directly and instantly to your kitchen
 Optional mandatory credit card payment when ordering

Invoice Printer

 Print promotional QR codes on invoices
 Also compatible with 8.5 x 11 printer full page invoice
 Automatically round amounts to 0.05$
 Mask invoice # to avoid corporate espionage
 Avoid reprinting for fraud with user restrictions
 Share a printer between multiplie POS stations
 Scan invoice barcode for faster payments or ownership transfer
 Show a tip percentage suggestion
 Customize invoice layout at any time, adding your promo is fast and easy

Kitchen Printer

 Sort order by individual clients
 Sort all alphabetically O
 Sort by course number
 Sort by item priority
 Cut paper after each item
 Cut paper after each course
 Specify item color (black or red) per item
 Show if printers at other stations are also printing part of the same order

Kitchen Display

 Avoid paper & ink cost of traditional printers
 Can be any screen size, from 19" to a 50" TV or more
 Adjust the size of the coupons to your likikng
 See the orders from very far away compare to a printer coupon
 Get a glimpse of late orders just by the color code
 Use multiple kitchen display linked togheter to have a dispatch unit
 Runs on WiFi, the tiniest computer you have ever seen, plug directly into the TV.

Delivery dispatch

 See all delivery orders that did not leave the store at a glance with how long they have been there for
 Easely assign orders to a driver that is currently working
 Use a barcode scanner to track who took which order and know when it left the store
 Send an SMS to your client letting them know the ordre left the store
 See all pending orders on a MAP disptach TV the size of your choice, to know what order to take at the same time
 Cash out your drivers faster and easely at the end of their shift

Punch Clock

 Automatic punch-in when user logs in
 Automatic punch-out when user pulls his report
 Print punch in & out coupons
 Round punch time to 15 minutes
 Edit, add or remove punch records
 Print or email timesheets for each employee
 Secure option to punch using fingerprint only
 Get live labor cost based on user wage vs day sales.

Head Office / Live Reports

 View your store live sales from anywhere in the world
 View advanced graphic reports
 Compare monthly sales, sales by modes etc.
 Compare multiple location sales side by side
 Web based, compatible with any smart phone, tablet or pc

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